SUNRISE France Stakeholder Workshop

SUNRISE France Stakeholder Workshop
October 8, 2019

Both SUNRISE and ENERGY-X aim to develop sustainable approaches for the storage of renewable energy (solar and wind) through its conversion to fuels and commodity chemicals using abundant molecules such as carbon dioxide, water and nitrogen. The two projects bring together 30 committed organisations, backed by an initial supporting community of approx. 300 stakeholders from academia, industry, and society. The replacement of fossil fuels and the modernisation of the production processes are crucial to meet the COP 21 Paris Agreement’s mission of tackling climate change. A European large-scale initiative is urgently needed to address these key challenges and drive forward major global transformations led by new disruptive technologies.

We are pleased to invite you to the French Stakeholder Workshop of both Coordination and Support Action [CSA] projects selected for the 2018 call FETFLAG-01-2018 within the area of Energy, Environment and Climate Change: SUNRISE and ENERGY-X. This Workshop is organized under the aegis of ANCRE, the National Alliance for the Coordination of Research for Energy, which will take place on :
Tuesday, October 8, 2019, from 13h to 17h30, at Maison des Universités, 103 Bd Saint Michel, 75005 Paris

Participation is free and open to all but requires prior registration using this link. The exchanges will take place in French.

The provisional programme is as follows:


Media contacts:

  • SUNRISE Communication Team
  • ENERGY-X Communication Team