SUN2X or SUN-ERGY? That is the question

SUN2X or SUN-ERGY? That is the question

Which of these 2 options is the most suitable name for ENERGY-X and SUNRISE upcoming joint initiative?

After announcing the two projects’ joint cooperation on August 20 at Europacat 2019, we need a new name that shows our common vision and shared strengths. This name will denominate the new initiative that will come out of the merge of ENERGY-X and SUNRISE after February 2020, when both CSAs will have pursued their own roadmapping actions.

It is been a while since we have been brainstorming different name proposals among partners and supporters. Last week, we asked both projects’ consortia to choose their favorites from around 30 received proposals; SUN2X and SUN-ERGY were the most voted ones.

Now, we launch a public poll for making the final decision. Are you game for it?

You only have to select one of the two name proposals in the form below by next November 4, 2019. Please feel free to share out this news among your friends -your opinion is key for us to build a climate neutral EU!

Link to the poll: