Announcing the winning name for ENERGY-X and SUNRISE upcoming joint initiative: SUN-ERGY!

SUN2X or SUN-ERGY: which of these two options is the most suitable name for the initiative that will come out of the merge of ENERGY-X and SUNRISE after February 2020? What does our communities think? To find out, we conducted an online public poll from October 28 to November 4.

After a week of a tight race between the two proposed acronyms, we can finally announce our winning name:
SUN-ERGY! This option counted with the support of 55% of the votes, against the 45% that voted SUN2X.

Huub de Groot, SUNRISE coordinator: “We believe that this name shows our common vision and shared strengths in harnessing solar energy for fueling the circular economy. The merge of both initiatives is key for us to reach a big community compromised with a climate-neutral EU by 2050.”

Jens Nørskov, ENERGY-X coordinator: “With SUN-ERGY, we will build an international brand adapted to face the upcoming challenges in the new Research and Innovation framework Horizon Europe.”

Currently, both initiatives are starting to collaborate working on a joint manifesto and establishing a common management board.

We would like to express our gratitude to all participants in the poll, helping us to advance one-step more.
SUN-ERGY aims at creating synergies for establishing a large scale research and innovation action working for the conversion of renewable energy into fuels and chemicals and contributing to a net-zero carbon economy.