AACHEN, August 20, 2019

Session: The Energy-Chemistry Nexus Towards a European Sustainable Energy & Catalysis Research Initiative

What are the research needs towards sustainable and fossile free production of fuels & chemicals in Europe? ENERGY-X presented the key findings of its research roadmap at the EuropaCat 2019 Conference, on August 20th in Aachen (Germany).
”The question is: how can we keep having the nice products made from fossile ressources and stay below 2 °C temperature gain?” asked Jens Nørskov, ENERGY-X coordinator, during the session. ”The ENERGY-X report is the result of the integrated knowledge of 180+ scientists – it highlights scientific challenges in twelve areas and the related research needs to tackle this immense challenge. All European countries and relevant stakeholders have to be part of the solution.”, he added.
The session was also the opportunity to discuss the next steps towards a European large-scale research initiative on sustainable energy & catalysis, together with representatives of SUNRISE, the other Horizon 2020 CSA for a large-scale initiative in the field of energy.
Bert Weckhuysen, ENERGY-X project partner from Utrecht University, emphasized: “We have to make clear to European decision makers that support is needed to accelerate the defossilization process. Climate change is real and is happening now: we have to build on our potential to give impulse to industrial processes, the energy and the transportation sector to preserve the world for the next generation.”
During the session, the two Horizon 2020 projects ENERGY-X and SUNRISE announced the decision to join efforts towards building a climate-neutral EU, engaging all interested parties and getting the whole community (academia, industry, society, decision makers…) on board to accelerate actions. “This session shows that our joint initiative is not a closed shop, but is open to all interested parties. We will only have success if the whole community is on board. Our projects will not only give output, but we are also open for input”, said Bert Weckhuysen.
The ENERGY-X full report “Research needs towards sustainable production of fuels & chemicals” will be available as of mid-September at
A launch event to present the report will be held in Brussels on September 26 – more info coming soon on Energy-X website