European Research Institute of Catalysis

The European Research Institute of Catalysis (ERIC aisbl) is an international non-profit-making association deriving from the EU Network of Excellence IDECAT. Its mission is to promote the activities on catalysis of its members and of catalysis community in Europe. It is actually formed from 23 Institutions over Europe. The registered office is in Bruxelles, Belgium. Within ERIC aisbl, the University of Messina and the Italian InterUniversity Consortium on the Science and Technology of Materials (INSTM) will be the main institutes involved in the FET Flagship. INSTM is a main InterUniversity Consortium in Italy on the science and technology of materials. It is actually composed from 47 Universities with over 2500 active researchers. The headquarter is in Florence, Italy. The reference person for Energy-X FET Flagship is Prof. Gabriele Centi, which is President of ERIC aisbl, vice-President of INSTM and full professor of Industrial Chemistry at the University of Messina, a main Italian University located in Sicily. Within Energy-X FET Flagship, the key expertise and R&D activities regard catalysis and catalytic technologies, projects management, dissemination and exploitation (IPR, patents, etc.). Prof. Centi is actually involved, and often coordinate, many EU and other projects around the core topics of the Energy-X FET Flagship. He was between the pioneers on CO2 utilization and introduction of renewable energy in the chemical production.

Prof. Gabriele Centi

Gabriele Centi is Professor of Industrial Chemistry at the University of Messina, Italy. He was coordinator of the Network of Excellence on catalysis IDECAT, of the EU Large Collaborative projects NEXT-GTL and INCAS, and of various other EU projects. He is author of over 450 scientific papers in international journals, editors of 10 books, chair of the editorial board of the Wiley journal on sustainable chemistry (ChemSusChem), of the Elsevier (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) book series Studies in Surface Science and Catalysis, of the De Gruyter (Berlin, Germany) book series Green Energy, and of several issues of international journals. He is President of the International Association of Catalysis Societies (IACS). Current h-index is 75 (about 20.500 citations).