Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic

J. Heyrovsky Institute of Physical Chemistry

The J. Heyrovsky Institute of Physical Chemistry, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, is the leading centre of fundamental research in physical chemistry, electrochemistry and chemical physics in the Czech Republic. The institute comprises 200 full time employees of which about 47 are graduate students. The scientific activities are particularly concentrated into the fields of biophysical chemistry, spectroscopy and development of new materials for catalytic and electrocatalytic applications. The Institute is an active part of numerous European networks fostering the synergy originating from rich network of collaborations with institutions in Europe, USA or Japan. The fundamental science contribution of the Institute is augmented by industrial collaborations namely in the fields of catalysis and technical electrolysis. The research activities of the Institute are complemented by a strong involvement of the leading scientists in teaching activities of the various universities in the Czech Republic, UK or Germany.

Dr. Petr Krtil

Petr Krtil is a senior scientist and head of Electrocatalysis group at the J. Heyrovsky of the Physical Chemistry, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic in Prague. He received his PhD degree in Physical Chemistry at the J. Heyrovsky Institute in 1993. Following postdoctoral stays at the State University of New York in Buffalo and Tokyo Institute of Technology. He re-joined the J. Heyrovsky Institute in 1998. His main research interests focus on fundamental aspects of electrochemical energy storage namely material aspects of electrode material design for batteries and electrocatalytic applications. He coordinates the European innovative training network on the conversion of renewable electricity into chemicals Elcorel, he is also a member of the steering committee of the „Molecules and materials for life“ of The Czech Academy of Sciences.